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Farm Natura offers a community of like-minded families from Hyderabad, where lifestyle is built basing on Natural Farming with an intent to focus on Health & Happiness.

Respect Mother Nature And Land. "We Are Part Of Nature; Therefore, We Must Coexist With The Other Creatures That Live Among Us."

Our Passion is to promote Natural Farming

Our passion is to promote the “Agri” based Culture and bringing back the Ecological balanced Lifestyle with Health and Happiness. We respect the Mother Nature and nourish the land by restoring its original fertility back into its Natural State for the generations to come.


Designed For Life Close
to Heart

Farm Natura is designed for life close to the heart and bringing a great connection between mind, body and soul by imparting an experience of farm style living, bestowing a great opportunity to live different, midst the hustle of city life.

Beside the natural appreciation of land, the project has, been designed with an intent to retain the land fertile and green and not to spoil land in the name of development.

  • Farm Land With in HMDA Limits

  • Serene Natural
    Contours of Land

  • Rich Black Cotton
    Soil Near to Village

  • Practicing Farming with Indigenous seeds


Extent of Life Style that you can choose to Invest

Recent Project Img

Quarter Acre
(1210 Sqyds)

Recent Project Img

Half Acre
(2420 Sqyds)

Recent Project Img

One Acre
(4840 Sqyds)


Indulge-Involve Impact Nature - Our Mantra

Farm Natura is located in the development region of Hyderabad. There are various sizes of Farm lands for sale in Hyderabad through Farm Natura. It is a mixture of all the best things real estate has to offer, It has been the targetted of aggressive real estate speculation, leading to a dramatic rise in Farm lands in Hyderabad values. In Farm natura, you are not limited with options while you can also own farmhouse in Hyderabad.

Complementary Stay at Farm House.

24 x 7 People Availability @ Site.

Maintenance till 2025 December

Crops and Fruit bearing Plantation.

carbon Free Zone.

Organic Certification and Natural farming

Concept based Projects.

Legality and Security.

Farm Lands in Hyderabad


Now It’s Time To Work From Nature

Mind is most productive, focused and alert when relaxed, What else is better ambiance than Nature, greens and gardens, habitat of birds It's the game changer - working in commune with nature. At Farm Natura you can work from anywhere in the connected greens any time of the day. Zip up your work gadgets and head out into the green zones of Farm Natura and make your creatively inspired and amazingly productive workday/weekend day.

Advantages Of Work From Nature

Scenic beauty of open skies, cool breezes and plants reduces carbon dioxide levels and lowers stress. People want to go to work in a healthy environment. Long-term benefits include increased productivity and reduced health care costs.

Why Choose farmnatura

Better location for better future

  • 01

    Pharma City – 10 mins Drive

  • 02

    Mucherla ITR SEZ 15 mins

  • 03

    Tukkuguda ORR Junction – 20 mins Drive

  • 04

    Maheswaram ITR SEZ 15 Mins

  • 05

    International Airport – 25 mins Drive

  • 06

    Adibatla TCS - 30 Mins Drive

  • 07

    Resorts & Golf Clubs near the venture

  • 08

    Hardware park, IT Park, Apparel Park and Jewel Park

  • 09

    Fab City-20 Min Drive


Communities That Celebrate
Harmony With Nature

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Planet green infra aspire to create a new dimension in the natural farming and alternate real estate segments in India. Through Vedic farming practices and the creation and sustaining of green elements in their plotted and living communities, Planet Green enables urban Indian families to rekindle a deeper connection with nature.

Advantages Of Farm Natura Farm Lands In Hyderabad

Every sort of land for sale is anticipated to increase each value. Property in Nednur, Maheshwaram is being purchased by all around the Hyderabad, India. Based on your choice, a land can provide limitless growth potential. There are lots of people who can afford to purchase enough property to get there own hunting land.

Farm Natura has its advantages. One can ensure protection for their family members if you are traveling. Farm Natura has many facilities before-mentioned. Further to all these, you have hassle-free family life from the everyday routine mess. Farm Natura Farm lands came up with the original face of farms which act as your precious eternal residence.

The endurance of Farm Natura is to bring handiness to the approaching, thus a magic world is constructed near the realm of existence. Farm Natura presents you near srisailam high-way. It also offers Farmhouse in different sizes; this empowers you to build the picture of first-ever home yourself once imagined.

Farm Lands in Hyderabad


Farm Lands For Sale In Hyderabad

Grow investments | Farm Natura is located near the Airport, Srisailam highway is a prestigious Farmhouses For Sale in Hyderabad concept. It is located Near Maheshwaram. The project has been set up at a land rich in resources like abundant water, naturally nutrient rich soil, apt climatic conditions, easy access to farming. This project deals with sustainable Farming & varieties of fruit plantation.

Indigenous seeds
0 %
Natural Farming
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Its Not Just About Owning Land
It's About Living With Nature.

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Every human dreams a life in the nature and wanted to eat right food - Yes here is an opportunity to make dreams in to real. Everyone knows the answer off grid living is the only answer, but it’s not easy living off grid, because its not only involves our investment but time and knowledge also plays role.

Of course we cant leave and live our full life in the off grid homes due to our economics, kids education attractions of urban lifestyle will not easily allows you leave many advantages of urban living and achieve this dream, so these all made many fail to live their dream.

Now all heard and understood by Planet green infra with a possible solutions with their latest off grid community Farm Natura- where one can live their dream with out much efforts and secured healthy lifestyle where one can stay, work, grow and achieve fruitful life.

Affordable Farmhouses For Sale In Hyderabad

Yes, you will spend less, but you have to continue to keep your sanity too! If you are looking to earn more appreciation for your investment, buying a farmhouses in hyderabad or Farmhouses for sale in Hyderabad may get you higher returns than working to spend on building a home or buying a home. Since the cost may vary so much, you may choose to look at a couple of different things when you consider Farmhouses For Sale in Hyderabad.

In the event you reside in a vast city like Hyderabad, seek out the real estate markets, looking for farm lands for sale in hyderabad or farmhouses for sale in hyderabad, and you'll probably come across fresh investment opportunities from Farm Natura Farmhouses for sale in Hyderabad. If you are fortunate enough to have a good farmhouses for sale in hyderabad, it could be well worth a trip to them, and that means you can purchase as an investment and enjoy your weekend with your cute family. People buying farmhouse with the aim of residing in future and also see your investment growing faster.

Own Your Land

Grow Your Organic Food
Do Many From Your Dream List

Farm Natura infrastructure allows you to build your farm house once your investment done safe environments makes you start weekend or work from nature or through a weekend party Who knows it can be regular home to you in years. Basic need shop will is available already in the community.

Planet green infra also helps you in developing your organic garden and also offers maintenance service at best reasonable amounts payable design and construction to make your dream without effecting daily city life so don't lose an opportunity of living new with the best of amenities and security.


Achieved One Image
Achieved Two Image

Every person should have a genuine opportunity to make the senior years of life, happy, comfortable and meaningful. Fostering a happy lifestyle, loving attitude and a safe environment is fundamental to all we do.

Farm Natura is an ideal retirement destination or people who dream of living off-the-grid in every sense and delivers strongly on facilities of a world-class standard. Backed by moderate elegant home, but easily get together with like-minded neighbors for socializing. In essence, an ideal way to spend your golden years amid a swathe of enriching greens. It is suitable for those who want to live independently in a suitable environment with active lifestyle amenities close by. Come weekends, your children and grand kids can visit you with ease.

ADVANTAGE : The Farm Natura location is most advantageous, since it's not very long from city and its benefits, the International Airport connectivity gives a reason why this is choice for NRI People to their families or elderly People here. We assure them with our strategy and services to keep their hopes always alive.


Inspired from

Subhash Palekar

Padma Shri awardee Mr, Subhash Palekar a remarkable Indian agriculturist studied Natural processes of farming for six years.

There were about 154 research projects during these six years of work, he practiced zero budget Natural farming, Natural Farming and conducted many workshops all over India promoting natural farming . Known for his notable work "Holistic spiritual farming” In 2017 he was appointed as the advisor of the state of Andhra Pradesh for encouragement of natural farming Modern agriculture types.


Mekapothula Vijay ram an agriculturist also inspired from real time problems decided to Address the need of the hour. He wanted to bring back the charm of traditional farming and Hence put efforts in understanding the process behind farming and served people with his experience He later teamed up with Sri Subash palekar to fight against environmental hazards and they together have started many projects conserving nature like save water , rejuvenating forest cover etc.

Modern agriculture types

Agriculture matters to the
future of development


What they said about us

Location Advantages

  • Farm Lands Within the Limits of HMDA.
  • Natural Contours Of Land.
  • Rich Black Cotton Soil.
  • Near To Village.
  • Close To Major Development.
  • Approach of 60 Ft Master Plan Road.

Project site is located at Kandukur Mandal - Ranga Reddy District at a distance of 22 km from Hyderabad Outer Ring Road (ORR) and ~ 29 km from Hyderabad International Airport. Location of project site depicted in the map.